How it Works

Upload Your Song
Upload your song and fill out the form that accompanies the upload to give us all the information we need. The song will then be sent to our online server and prepared for mastering.
The Human Touch
Unlike other online mastering services, our mastering is not done by an app. The song is sent to our in house engineers, who will listen to the song, and master it in the same way as if you were present in the studio.
With this in mind, if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the engineer working on your tracks. Just email, or call 44 1753 424293 during our operating hours, quoting your reference, and we will be happy to discuss the project with you.
Download The Files
The audio files can be emailed to you in wav format. You can also request a DDP of an album to be delivered direct to your replicator. If your tracks are Mastered for iTunes you will receive both the MFiT version and a CD quality version.


I have recorded, mixed and edited several live comedy shows with Rupert at Vigilante. These include artists such as Tim Key, Andy Parsons and Noel Fielding. Rupert has also undertaken the digitising of many DAT programmes for me and has always produced very professional results in good time and to the agreed budget. He is a very nice guy and a pleasure to work with.

Mike O’Brien -Producer

Vigilante Studios have been working with us exclusively for the last three years. The quality of production and mastering has always been to the highest possible standards and our clients have always been very happy with the finished recording after Vigilante have added their magic. We have always been impressive by the very high standard of care we receive along with the fast turn around times.

Nick Dunn -Horus Music

It was my great pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Rupert on many occasions over the years and I have found him to be highly skilled, extraordinarily gracious, and super cool. He really captured the sound we were seeking to convey and made the work a joy. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Jenna Sanz-Agero -vocalist, Vixen

We have known Rupert and Vigilante for over 10 Years. Other than not upsetting him because of his archery skills, he does make a decent recording. We sent him to the back of beyond to a Punk infested old school 1970’s revival pub to catch the essence of Sham 69.
The band that lost Jimmy Pursey some years previously to a sack of vomit is ably headed up by Tim V. a notorious Mill Wall fan and friend of the Richardsons. You don’t mess with Tim. You also do not disappoint him with the ‘sound’ you catch otherwise you may find yourself swinging from a goalpost at the New Den. Some will remember Rupert when he sported a Lemmy haircut (minus the mustache) and wore a leather watch strap the width of the M25. Now with his Zach Efron boyish good looks and haircut he is ready with his revamped studio to meet your demands however complicated and dangerous. His prices are not just the most competitive but verge on ridiculously cheap – so get a quote and offer cash for a further discount.
So all time good-fellow and ‘sound’ sound-engineer. Go to Vigilante and have tunes forked – Did I mention he was an Archer?

Michael Infante -One Media CEO
We have been approved by Apple to provide specialist mastering services for their “Mastered for iTunes” initiative.